Dear friends!

We’ve got a new section on our website - Sponsor WIZARDMASK. Now everyone can support our project personally or anonymously by transferring any sum of money to the WIZARDMASK development fund.

It is not a secret that in modern world the musician’s life is a hard and marginally profitable deal, which is based only on our own initiative and trust in success. We are the authors and creators of WIZARDMASK and we have lots of bright and interesting ideas in our heads, but putting them into life costs a lot of money. We don’t want to stop creating and leave you without our magic music, we want to please you with new songs as often as it’s possible. Life is so short and there’s so much things to do! Dear friends, we can’t manage without you!

Your support is a real chance for WIZARDMASK to record a new track, create a new bright image, make a movie, organize a concert right today, but not 2-3 years later. And please don’t be afraid and don’t think that we need much immediately. Believe me, even the smallest sum can be that drop in the ocean which will help us to realize all the grand plans of WIZARDMASK.

We are grateful to all of you who support us, who believe in us, who listen to our music and buy it.

Thank you, dear friends! It is so easy to create beautiful together!

With love, yours W&M.