Legend Wizard and Masks

lan2.jpgser.jpgThe story of the Mask

Once you’ve seen the beautiful and let it pass through you, you can’t stop anymore. Many years I traveled from world to world, I observed people’s thoughts and feelings, I watched the creation and destruction of their souls, the inseparable thread of their lives. Everything I’ve seen had pierced deep into my heart, and now it’s uncontrollably coming out creating wonderful worlds. These worlds are composed by the eyes of an artist painting with the colors of melodies and words. But I had no one to share this beauty with me, no one to understand the pictures I am drawing.

The story of the Wizard

It’s so boring to turn the stones to gold… Searching the amrita ends with an everlasting prison. What’s the point of storing the wisdom and keeping the secrets if I’ve lost all hope to find a soulmate who will understand me? I’m the master and the judge, the actor and the spectator, kind king of the imaginary kingdom and its cruel harlequin. I’m multifaceted and lonely. I’m tired. I rejected my magical power and started searching for something that would return me a rage to live. And once I’ve found it – it enchanted me so much that again I felt a wish to create.

The story of WIZARDMASK

The power to see and to feel this world had brought us together. We’ve found our reflections in the mirrors of each other’s souls and moved deeper to the abyss of our fantasies. It’s the subliminal understanding, seeing the beauty with the eyes shut, hearing each sound, feeling it in each note and each breath.

Now we travel together and record everything that aspires us. We collect the impressions in tiny boxes of memory to show them to you in their magical variety. Other wanderers join us and their number is rising.

Welcome to the imaginary world of WIZARDMASK! Everything that you can keep in your mind is possible here!