The idea of the “fairytale project” had come in the springtime of 2009, when two Siberian musicians Sergey Amelchenko (music, guitar, conception) and Svetlana Diva (lyrics, vocal, conception, design) decided to try and write something together. The first track written was “Morskaya” (“Marine”). Working on it was so fascinating and exciting, that guys decided not to stop and write some songs more.

By the summer of 2010 enough material for the full album had been written and the decision to record the songs in the studio was made. Vitaly Vdovin, professional band-master and Honoured Russian Artist, was working on album’s arrangements. Some guest musicians (mostly Sergey’s and Svetlana’s friends) were attracted to record the instruments in the studio. It was a path of trial and error, a long and hard work, which finally resulted in the debut album of the band – “Carnival of Illusions”.

Carnival of illusions is a special place inside each person – it’s a world of mysteries, fantasies, hidden wishes and magic. The album was recorded in Novosibirsk and re-recorded in Saint-Petersburg in the RIGA Studio headed by Andrey Kalinin. The official digital release of  “Carnival of Illusions” was on the 1st of April 2012. Now WIZARDMASK considers this date its birthday, because it was the first time the project announced itself.

After gathering a temporary members, the band had played some concerts in Novosibirsk and its suburbs and started to record a new album.  Vitaly Vdovin had also worked on the second album’s arrangements. He’d wrote orchestra and chorus sections. Both professional musicians and nonprofessionals from Novosibirsk and Stavropol took part in the second album studio recording. The album was recorded and re-recorded in Novosibirsk in the “Totem” studio headed by Sergey Zimin.

The second album named “Song of a Warrior” (“Pestn Voina”) tells the listener the mysterious stories of wars and warriors and draws epic pictures of battles and long wanders. The official digital release on the 31st of December 2014.

WIZARDMASK plays a symphonic sound imaging metal with the progressive melodic metal elements and leading female vocal.



Song of a warrior' 2014                                     Carnival of Illusions' 2012